Smartgun – £1000

Name a more iconic sci-fi gun, go on, I’ll wait…

Let’s face it, you can’t. It really is one of the most recognised movie guns of all time. Based on the classic German MG42 ‘buzzsaw’ machine gun, with a number of touches to turn it from real-world gun, to Xeno blaster.

Our M56 is based upon an airsoft MG42, and as such starts off as a solid metal (steel and cast alloy) replica which offers substantial benefits over most full resin replicas.
The handles are constructed from metal tube to maintain that strength on the points of contact.
The dress up parts are resin cast from original AR Hangers and the correct Kawasaki switch gear.

This is a special order item and is not held in stock. Availability is dependant on being able to source the base MG42.