Two options available:

  • OPTION A – Helmet fully assembled – £250
  • OPTION B – Helmet kit, including all required parts – £110

    IN STOCK – Please Email to order.

*Also available in BLACK for the Storm Commando*
*Also available in GREEN for the Swamp Trooper*

One the all-time greats in sci-fi helmet design.

Our helmet is a faithful fan sculpt of the original helmet. Constructed in the same 5-part design from vacuum formed 2mm plastic.
It is then hand finished, sanded and painted with vinyl decals applied to match those seen on screen.
Using resin casts of the correct 3M ‘Speedglas’ visor bolts and the snout detailing.

These helmets are available in both kit form or pre built.
The kits are not recommended for the ‘faint hearted’, as they are quite involved and require a full complement of building techniques and tools.
For further information on building these helmets, please visit our tutorials section, where the build process is fully documented.

Built helmets come as described, fully assembled, ready for you to add in your own padding arrangements to make it sit nice and comfortably on your head.

The kits are available in WHITE, BLACK or GREEN.

Fully assembled helmet on the right:

Helmet also available in kit form. Including lens, greeblies & decals: