Building a Racal Headset

Tools used in this tutorial

1x Headband
2x Ear Tabs
2x Headband Securing Tabs
2x 3mm Screws
1x Resin Amplivox Unit
1x Resin Ear Speaker
1x Resin Ear Bud
1x Resin Mic Tip
1x Boom
1x Boom Cover
1x Speaker connector

Step 1

Bend the head band so it conforms nicely to your head.

Step 2

Screw the Headband Securing Tabs to the Ear Tabs with the 3mm screw and then slide over the prongs on the headband. Position them so they sit just above your ears and are comfortable.
You should end up with it looking a bit like this.
(Note: The prongs will probably stick out the bottom at this stage)

Step 3

Bend the prongs over at 90 degrees under the tabs, this stops the tabs inadvertently slipping off.

Snip off any excess to bring them flush with the tabs. (you can bend them in or out… your choice).

Step 4

Insert the smaller thin tube between the ear speaker part and the main unit. Adjust to suit your ear.

Insert the larger collar into the main unit and then the thinner boom into the collar.

Curve the boom so it suits your face and is comfortable. This can easily be done by hand.

Step 5

Trim the boom down so the Mic Tip sits just in front of your mouth. Add the Mic Tip.

Step 6

You can add the Ear Bud to the Speaker Unit, but sometimes it’s more comfortable without. Only the really keen eyed will notice when you’re wearing it.

Step 7

PAINT! Use Revell 46 (7013) for all the parts. This is the closest match to the Humbrol “Brown Bess”  which is no longer available.